The Neocosmos

– A SMBX-38A project by Luna –

The Neocosmos is a project developed by me. The aim for this project is to offer a fun and interesting gameplay experience with my approach to level design as well as to offer an interesting experience. Explore different worlds, meet both all-new and familiar characters, and find out the truth about the mysterious Xorce clan.
The Neocosmos has been in development since 2017, 2019 saw a restructuring of the project.


  • Multiple playable characters
  • Star Coins
  • A shop system replacing extra lives
  • Difficulty options
  • A custom menu and world map system
  • Achievements
  • Town stages
  • Cutscenes
The Neocosmos – V-Slice #01
The Neocosmos – V-Slice #02
The Neocosmos – V-Slice #03
The Neocosmos – World 1 (Beta)
Sunset Heights
Demo Versions

All demo versions are encrypted. However, the final episode will not be encrypted.
The demo versions contain assets that were used without permission. They will not be present in the final episode.

The episode’s credits list will be included in the final episode.