Super Mario Genesis

Super Mario Genesis is a Super Mario Bros. X project by me and GlobalFighter. Our main inspiration for this project are some classic Super Mario World hacks. We also decided to go with Super Mario Bros. 3 as our graphic style. Yes, that does mean you can take out your overused SMBX stuff lists. The episode’s soundtrack is entirely Super Mario World styled.

The episode is playable on all versions of Super Mario Bros. X starting with 1.3, but Super Mario Bros. X2 is recommended.

Mario and his friends wanted to go on a holiday trip, only to discover that Bowser had kidnapped their beloved princess once again! Now Mario, Luigi, Daisy and Toad have to rescue her once again!

Super Mario Genesis – Demo #01
Demo Version


  • Level Design:
    • LunarBoo
    • GlobalFighter
  • Graphics:
    • Sednaiur
    • legendtony980
  • Music:
    • MidiGuy
    • Bluemoon
    • Jimmy
    • S.N.N.
    • Jimmy52905
    • Slash Man
    • gocha
    • imamelia