This is the site for The Neocosmos as well as related projects such as Super Mario Genesis or standalone levels. You can find them below.


You can select a project here.

A project made for Super Mario Bros. X by 38A and my main project, The Neocosmos is my main focus.

A side project by me and GlobalFighter made for all Super Mario Bros. X versions starting with 1.3.

Standalone Levels

Standalone levels I made for the various branches of Super Mario Bros. X.

Other projects I helped with

A project by 3lectronstar024 where I helped with the final level by contributing a part of it.

An archive of various Super Mario Bros. X episodes, levels, assets and more where I helped by collecting various things to be added to it.


I have various YouTube channels that I use to post about various things, most of which are Super Mario Bros. X related.